How to know current media queries in tailwind


Working with a lot of media queries can be hard for someone like me. xs and sm, does look the same to my eyes.

So I could not figure it out what is the current media query that is actually running at the moment.

Below are the code that is render on the bottom of your screen right now, and if you had a lot more of sizes feel free to update it accordingly. Also noted that why it is wrapped with <div> block is that, when developer look at devtool, generally I wanted to reduce noise the html DOM. And same reason goes to [data-render-media-queries=''], which to notify user that this is a DOM for debugging.

<div class="fixed bottom-0 w-screen text-center" data-render-media-queries="">
  <div class="block w-full bg-red-500 sm:hidden">xs</div>
  <div class="hidden w-full w-screen bg-pink-500 sm:block md:hidden">sm</div>
  <div class="hidden w-full w-screen bg-yellow-500 md:block lg:hidden">md</div>
  <div class="hidden w-full w-screen bg-green-500 lg:block xl:hidden">lg</div>
  <div class="hidden w-full w-screen bg-blue-500 xl:block 2xl:hidden">xl</div>
  <div class="hidden w-full w-screen bg-primary-500 2xl:block">2xl</div>

You can also do to other media queries like dark, prefer-reduce-motion. Lastly, since this is for debugging purpose, it should not be shipped to production. And in case if you are using nextjs there is env variables that can help us

export function RenderMediaQueries () {
  return process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development' && (
    <div className='fixed bottom-0 ...'>...</div>